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Date: 25 September / 27 September
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Our filling lines meet any kind of requirements.
Herewith below are some articles about our most important installations.
In 1989, KOSME Austria was founded in Sollenau, 40km south of Vienna, as Kosme Etikettiertechnik Gesellschaft mbH.
The main focus of the company’s activities was initially on the sale of labelling machines and bottling lines, primarily to Eastern Europe.
Five years later, in 1992, the company’s area of business expanded to complete plants for PET, cans and glass lines. In 1994, the development of the first linear PET stretch blow moulding machine began under the brand name KSB, with the first self-produced machine being delivered the very next year.
Following the development of further stretch blow moulding machines for manufacturing large containers up to 5.0 l, the company moved into a new production hall in 2000 and a dedicated mould-making facility was established.
In 2001, the stretch blow moulding machines for large containers were developed further so that it was now possible to produce containers holding up to 10.0 l. Finally, the fastest linear stretch blow moulding machine hit the market in the shape of the D-Series.
In 2002, KOSME began a sales cooperation with Krones AG with subsequent integration on the capital side.
The next KSB generation, the L-Series, was developed and presented in 2004 as the world’s fastest linear stretch blow moulding machine in order to be able to compete successfully even against rotary machines in this sector of industry.
On 01.01.2005, KRONES AG became the 100% owner of KOSME Gesellschaft mbH.
In the same year, based on the KSB 4L, the KSB 8L was presented and, with 10,000 bottles/h, it was able to close the performance window to the 8-cavity rotary machine from Krones AG.
2007 has been noted for the development of a Kosme 6-cavity rotary machine, the KSB 6R, which is based on the many years of success enjoyed by the Contiform range from KRONES and will be presented for the first time at the K trade fair in Düsseldorf.
KOSME Gesellschaft mbH
In 2008, the first KSB 6R was delivered. At the same time, a 2-cavity blowmoulder for big PET containers up to 30.0 l was developed.
The first KSB 6R Synchroblock with a filler from KOSME Italy was developed and delivered in 2009. This year also saw the delivery of the first rotary machine for big containers up to 6.0 l.
Due to the success of the KSB 6R, the first 4-cavity rotary blowmoulder, KSB 4R, was produced in 2010 as a solution for big containers and Synchroblocks.
In 2011, the KSB 4L was refined, also considering Preferential Heating for production of strongly oval containers with an output per station up to 1500 bph per cavity.
One year later, in 2012, production of the KSB 4R and KSB 6R with ProShape technology for production of strongly oval containers with an output per station up to 2000 bph incl. neck orientation was started.
A 1-cavity blowmoulder for up to 30.0 l containers was developed in 2013. At the same time, the KSB 8R with an output of up to 16000 bottles per hour was included in the production portfolio.
In 2014, the first KSB 8R blowmoulding machines have been successfully commissioned in different parts of the world
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